Practice Area

Real Estate

We represent all of the participants in today’s real estate market, including owners, developers, construction companies, tenants, financial institutions and active and passive individual investors. We regularly assist our clients with such matters as:

Ownership Structure:

Navigating the legal intricacies of real estate ownership structures requires a blend of legal expertise and industry insight. We provide comprehensive counsel on establishing and managing ownership structures that serve our clients' long-term objectives.

Purchase and Sale Agreements:

Our attorneys meticulously draft and review purchase and sale agreements to ensure they reflect the true intent of the parties involved while safeguarding our clients' interests.

Commercial Leasing Agreements:

We provide exhaustive legal support in drafting, negotiating, and reviewing commercial leasing agreements, ensuring they are equitable, compliant, and beneficial to our clients.

1031 Exchanges:

Our adept counsel guides clients through the complex process of 1031 exchanges, helping to optimize tax benefits and ensure compliance with pertinent regulations.

Construction Matters:

From contract drafting to dispute resolution, we offer comprehensive legal support to construction entities, ensuring projects progress smoothly while mitigating legal risks.

Development and Management Agreements:

We facilitate successful real estate development projects by crafting robust development and management agreements that promote collaborative and efficient operations.

Easement Agreements:

Our expertise extends to drafting and negotiating easement agreements that protect our clients' rights and serve their long-term property interests.


We offer insightful legal advice on real estate financing, helping our clients secure favorable financing terms and navigate complex financial transactions.

Zoning Proceedings:

Our attorneys are well-versed in zoning laws and procedures, providing adept representation in zoning proceedings to advance our clients' real estate ventures.

Closing and Title Matters:

We ensure a seamless closing process by meticulously managing title matters and addressing any legal issues that may arise, safeguarding our clients' investments.

Real Estate Tax Appeals:

We provide vigorous representation in real estate tax appeals, striving to achieve favorable outcomes that align with our clients' financial objectives.

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At Katz Teller, we are committed to fostering enduring relationships with our clients by providing personalized, insightful, and forward-thinking legal solutions. Our in-depth understanding of the real estate sector coupled with our legal acumen positions us to offer counsel that is not only legally sound but also commercially astute.

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