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Probate and Trust Administration and Litigation

Executors and trustees are subject to fiduciary duties which require that they faithfully discharge their responsibilities and scrupulously comply with all applicable laws and regulations. At Katz teller, our attorneys advise and guide executors and trustees in the execution of these duties as they administer probate estates, related trusts, and inter vivos trusts of all types.

We coordinate probate procedures in Florida and other jurisdictions when necessary for our nonresident clients or clients otherwise owning property outside of Ohio. We prepare federal estate tax returns, working proactively to reduce estate tax liability by invoking various post-mortem planning techniques.

Our attorneys are actively involved in resolving questions of interpretation of wills and trusts or outright disputes among beneficiaries. We represent beneficiaries in contesting wills and trusts prepared by other attorneys that are ineffective to accomplish the family’s objective, as well as represent executors and trustees when we believe the challenges by other beneficiaries are unfounded.

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At Katz Teller, our commitment extends beyond mere legal representation; we aim to provide a sanctuary of trust and expert legal counsel in times when our clients need it the most. Navigating probate and trust matters requires not only legal expertise but a sense of empathy and understanding, qualities that are deeply ingrained in our practice.

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