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Private Equity

At Katz Teller, we have represented private equity sponsors, clients owned by private equity sponsors and clients investing in private equity funds. We have significant expertise in representing management groups of private equity financed companies in connection with their employment, compensation and equity ownership issues.

Structure of Private Equity Recapitalizations:

Private equity recapitalizations are complex transactions that require a deep understanding of financial and legal intricacies. Our adept attorneys guide clients through the structuring process, ensuring that the recapitalization aligns with the strategic goals of all stakeholders involved while adhering to the legal and regulatory framework.

Equity and Employment Arrangements for Private Equity Management Teams:

Navigating the terrain of equity and employment arrangements is crucial for the success and stability of management teams within private equity settings. Our legal counsel extends to drafting, negotiating, and finalizing agreements that honor the rights and responsibilities of management teams, while also aligning with the financial and operational goals of the private equity firm.

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At Katz Teller, we take pride in fostering long-term relationships with our clients, offering bespoke legal solutions that cater to the unique needs of the private equity sector. Our deep-rooted understanding of the private equity landscape, coupled with our client-centric approach, enables us to provide legal counsel that is not only robust but also forward-thinking.

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