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Mergers and Acquisitions

In our Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) practice, we deliver value by drawing on decades of experience representing public and private companies, individuals, and other parties in numerous and complex buy-side, sell-side, joint venture, and other strategic transactions.

On the sell-side, our team guides sellers through all aspects of the sale process, including pre-sale planning and structuring, assembling the “deal team”, including assistance in engaging investment bankers and other advisors as desired and appropriate, and executing transactions to maximize efficiencies and value. Many of our sell-side engagements involve the sale of a family business, where the sale transaction is a new experience (and where there are considerations beyond the economics related to culture and legacy).

On the buy-side, we routinely handle acquisitions for businesses, individuals, and private equity funds. We understand that no buyer wants to experience an avoidable post-closing surprise, and that completing a transaction the right way will drastically increase the potential for successful integration. Our experience in representing sellers also provides us with insight and ability to navigate the needs and concerns of first-time sellers, from a buyer’s perspective.

In a significant and related part of our M&A practice, we advise executives and management teams in transactions involving their employer, including in the structure of tax effective equity and phantom equity arrangements, employment agreements, transaction payments and stay bonuses, and deferred compensation arrangements.

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At Katz Teller, our M&A practice is not merely about transactions; it's about forging enduring relationships and ensuring that the legacy and ambitions of our clients are upheld with the highest regard. Our nuanced understanding of both the legal and human elements of M&A transactions sets us apart, providing a holistic approach that transcends contractual agreements.

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