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Hospitality, Restaurant and Food Service

At Katz Teller, our proficient attorneys harbor a deep understanding of the multifaceted legal landscape surrounding the hospitality, restaurant, and food service industry. We are adept at navigating the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in this vibrant sector, offering tailored legal solutions that cater to the distinctive needs of our clients. Our attorneys focused on the hospitality, restaurant and food service industry deal with matters such as:

Purchase, Development, and Sales of Restaurants, Hotels, and Resorts:

Whether you are embarking on the purchase, development, or sale of a restaurant, hotel, or resort, our seasoned legal team provides meticulous guidance every step of the way. We assist in negotiating favorable terms, ensuring compliance with zoning and regulatory requirements, and orchestrating smooth transactions that align with your business objectives.

Management Agreements:

Crafting solid management agreements is pivotal for the successful operation of hospitality ventures. Our attorneys are skilled in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating management agreements that fortify your business relationships and uphold your interests.

Franchise Matters:

The realm of franchising is replete with both opportunities and complexities. We provide comprehensive legal counsel on franchise agreements, compliance with franchise laws, and resolution of franchise disputes, facilitating a harmonious franchisor-franchisee relationship.

Financing of Acquisitions:

Securing favorable financing terms is crucial for the successful acquisition of hospitality and food service ventures. Our adept legal counsel guides you through the financing process, ensuring the terms are conducive to your long-term business growth and stability.

Operating Issues Unique to the Industry:

The hospitality, restaurant, and food service industry is subject to a unique set of operating challenges. From health and safety compliance to employment issues, liquor licensing, and customer disputes, our attorneys provide sagacious legal advice and representation to navigate these intricacies, ensuring your operations run smoothly and in compliance with all pertinent laws and regulations.

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