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At Katz Teller, we provide an extensive suite of legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, who range from individual practitioners to large healthcare organizations. Our seasoned attorneys are committed to delivering meticulous legal counsel and representation across a broad spectrum of healthcare-related matters, including:

Physicians and Physician Group Issues:

Our legal team provides comprehensive counsel to physicians and physician groups, addressing concerns related to practice management, regulatory compliance, and contractual agreements, among others, to ensure the seamless operation of medical practices.

Health Insurers:

We offer expert legal guidance to health insurers on a range of issues including regulatory compliance, policy drafting, claims management, and dispute resolution to ensure a robust operational framework.

Medical Staffs:

Our attorneys assist medical staffs in navigating the legal landscape surrounding credentialing, privileging, peer review processes, and dispute resolution to foster a conducive working environment.

Independent Practice Associations:

We provide legal support to Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) in contractual negotiations, regulatory compliance, and operational matters to promote collaborative and efficient practice environments.

Management Service Organizations:

Our legal counsel extends to Management Service Organizations (MSOs) in areas such as contractual agreements, compliance with healthcare laws, and operational efficiency to enhance service delivery.

Nursing Homes and Alternative Health Care Providers:

We offer legal guidance on regulatory compliance, licensing, accreditation, and other critical areas to ensure the provision of quality care and legal adherence.

Physician Group Creation and Combination:

Our attorneys adeptly guide clients through the legal intricacies involved in forming, combining, or restructuring physician groups to achieve strategic goals and operational efficiency.

Billing and Reimbursement Issues:

We provide expert advice on billing practices and reimbursement issues to ensure compliance with applicable laws and to optimize revenue cycle management.

Provider Tax Exemptions:

Our legal team assists in securing and maintaining tax-exempt status, navigating the complex regulatory requirements to ensure long-term fiscal health.

Managed Care Contracts:

We negotiate and draft managed care contracts that balance financial, operational, and legal considerations to foster sustainable relationships between providers and payers.

Anti-Kickback and Anti-Referral Laws:

Our attorneys offer vigilant guidance on compliance with anti-kickback and anti-referral laws to mitigate legal risks and promote ethical practices.

Privacy Laws including HIPAA:

We provide thorough guidance on adherence to privacy laws, including HIPAA, ensuring the confidentiality and security of sensitive patient information.

National Health Reform Initiatives:

Our legal team stays at the forefront of national health reform initiatives, advising clients on the implications and compliance requirements of evolving healthcare legislation.

Integrated Delivery Systems:

We assist in the legal structuring and operational optimization of Integrated Delivery Systems to promote coordinated, efficient, and compliant healthcare service delivery.

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