Practice Area

Finance and Lending

We have substantial experience in commercial, real estate, corporate and other financing transactions. Our financial services practice involves providing both lenders and borrowers with advice on structuring credit transactions, preparation and negotiation of loan documentation, and restructuring of at-risk debt. Representative areas include the following:

Commercial Lending:

Navigate the complex terrain of commercial lending with our seasoned attorneys by your side. We provide comprehensive legal guidance on structuring commercial loans, ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks, and negotiating favorable terms to advance your financial objectives.

Real Estate Lending:

Real estate financing transactions demand a fine blend of legal acumen and industry insight. Our team excels in advising on real estate lending transactions, ensuring they are structured optimally to meet your goals while adhering to legal and industry standards.

Merger and Acquisition Financing:

Fuel your strategic growth initiatives through mergers and acquisitions with our adept legal counsel. We provide expert guidance on financing these pivotal transactions, ensuring seamless execution and favorable financial arrangements.

Securitized Financing:

Our attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of securitized financing, providing sagacious advice on structuring transactions, ensuring compliance with securities laws, and navigating the intricate regulatory landscape.

Construction Financing:

Secure the capital essential for your construction projects with our expert guidance. We specialize in construction financing transactions, ensuring they are structured to provide the needed financial support while mitigating risks.

Mezzanine Financing:

Mezzanine financing serves as a crucial bridge in the capital stack. Our team provides adept guidance on structuring mezzanine loans, negotiating terms, and ensuring compliance with financial and legal regulations.

Asset-based Financing:

Leverage your assets to secure the financing you need with our expert legal counsel. We excel in structuring asset-based loans, ensuring they are tailored to meet your financial needs while safeguarding your interests.

Letter of Credit:

A letter of credit is a vital financial instrument in global trade and other transactions. Our attorneys provide expert guidance on obtaining, structuring, and utilizing letters of credit to facilitate your business transactions.

Bond Financing:

Navigate the complexities of bond financing with confidence under our expert guidance. We provide comprehensive legal counsel on issuing and structuring bond financing, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and favorable terms.

Your Financial Success, Our Priority:

At Katz Teller, our overarching goal is to propel your financial success. Our approach is rooted in forging enduring relationships with our clients, understanding their financial objectives in-depth, and providing tailored legal solutions. Our seasoned attorneys are committed to navigating the complex legal and financial landscapes on your behalf, ensuring your transactions are structured for success.

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