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Federal, State and Local Taxation

At Katz Teller, our adept tax attorneys offer a breadth of expertise in managing a wide spectrum of tax matters, ensuring compliance and optimization at federal, state, and local levels. With a rich tradition of excellence, our team is committed to delivering astute tax solutions tailored to the unique contours of your financial landscape. We represent a diverse clientele, ranging from corporations and partnerships to individuals and tax-exempt organizations. We handle tax matters that involve:

Corporate Tax:

Our seasoned attorneys provide meticulous guidance in navigating the complex tapestry of corporate tax regulations. We endeavor to deliver strategies that not only ensure compliance but also drive tax efficiency, ultimately bolstering your bottom line.

Partnership Tax:

We offer adept counsel in managing the tax implications inherent in partnership structures, ensuring a harmonious alignment with the overarching financial goals of your enterprise.

Trust and Estate Tax:

Our expertise extends to the nuanced domain of trust and estate tax planning, where we craft robust strategies to preserve your legacy while minimizing tax liability.

Individual Tax:

We provide personalized tax solutions for individuals, meticulously tailored to accommodate your unique financial circumstances and future aspirations.

State and Local Tax:

Our attorneys are well-versed in the myriad state and local tax regulations across various jurisdictions, ensuring your compliance while identifying opportunities for tax savings.

Tax Controversies:

In the face of tax controversies, our formidable legal team offers vigorous representation, advocating tirelessly to protect your interests and achieve favorable resolutions.

Tax Exempt Organizations:

We possess a wealth of experience in representing tax-exempt entities, including private foundations and public charities. Our comprehensive counsel covers corporate governance, compliance with tax laws, and the strategic management of tax-related issues.

Other Tax Fields

Many attorneys in the firm's other practice groups have knowledge of particular tax issues in their areas – further contributing to our overall strength in this field.We also have extensive experience in representing private foundations and public charities, as well as advising these tax-exempt organizations in corporate and tax matters.

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At Katz Teller, our holistic approach to tax law is underscored by a profound commitment to forging enduring relationships with our clients. Our tailored tax solutions are not merely transactions, but a testament to our vested interest in your financial success.

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