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Estate and Wealth Planning

At Katz Teller, we represent clients in all areas of estate and wealth planning. Our attorneys assist clients in the disposition of their financial assets to their intended beneficiaries in a manner that minimizes transfer taxes and costs, and which protects the beneficiaries from creditors. We are experienced in:

Strategic Estate Planning Techniques:

Our team is proficient in devising and implementing a range of sophisticated estate planning techniques including Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs), Charitable Lead Trusts (CLTs), and sales to Grantor Trusts. These strategies are meticulously crafted to optimize the transfer of your assets to your intended beneficiaries while minimizing the tax burden.

Planned Charitable Giving:

We assist our clients in structuring planned charitable giving strategies that not only fulfill philanthropic objectives but also provide tax benefits. Our advice is grounded in a deep understanding of the tax laws governing charitable contributions, ensuring a beneficial impact for both our clients and the charitable causes they hold dear.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning:

Navigating the intricacies of estate and gift tax laws is a core competency of our legal team. We provide insightful counsel aimed at minimizing estate and gift taxes, thereby maximizing the value transferred to your beneficiaries.

Preparation of Federal Gift Tax Returns:

Our meticulous approach to the preparation of federal gift tax returns ensures accuracy, compliance with tax laws, and optimization of tax-saving opportunities.

Resolution of State and Federal Audits of Gift and Estate Tax Returns:

We offer robust representation and guidance during state and federal audits of gift and estate tax returns, working diligently to resolve any issues and safeguard your interests.

Minimization of Estate, Trust, and Individual Income Taxes:

Through strategic planning and thorough understanding of tax laws, we strive to minimize the tax liabilities associated with estates, trusts, and individual income, ensuring the preservation of wealth for current and future generations.

Creditor Protection Planning:

Our attorneys are skilled in crafting creditor protection strategies to shield your assets and the inheritances of your beneficiaries from creditors' claims. We employ a range of legal tools to provide robust protection while adhering to all applicable laws.

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At Katz Teller, we believe in establishing enduring relationships with our clients, enabling us to provide personalized and forward-thinking estate and wealth planning solutions. Our commitment is to journey alongside you as you make pivotal financial and estate planning decisions that will shape your legacy and the financial security of your heirs.

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