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Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation

Katz Teller’s employee benefits and executive compensation practice provides unique, sophisticated, and practical guidance to employers and executives regarding the design, implementation, and administration of various employee benefit programs. Our employee benefits attorneys work collaboratively with our Firm’s other practice areas to identify opportunities and enable clients to achieve practical and economic efficiency in various benefit plan matters.

Our experience regularly involves:

Profit Sharing/401(k) Plans and Defined Benefit/Cash Balance Plans (DB Plans):

We excel in crafting, economically scrutinizing, and rolling out profit-sharing/401(k) Plans and DB Plans. Our specialized insight into the utilization and execution of DB Plans has been instrumental in actualizing tax reduction and retirement accumulation objectives for a broad spectrum of clients nationwide.

Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plans and Equity Incentive Arrangements:

Our adept team designs and implements a myriad of non-qualified deferred compensation plans and equity incentive arrangements, aimed at enticing and retaining pivotal personnel. This includes meticulous adherence to compliance requisites under Section 409A and 280G, safeguarding both organizational and employee interests.

Transactional Context Counsel:

We provide invaluable counsel concerning employee benefits and executive compensation matters that emerge within a transactional framework, ensuring a harmonized alignment with the overarching transactional objectives.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs):

Our counsel extends to the inception, compliance, and transactional representation of corporate patrons and selling shareholders in ESOP matters, fostering a mutually beneficial ESOP environment.

Tax-Exempt Organizations’ Employee Benefit Programs:

We offer specialized guidance on employee benefit schemes tailored for tax-exempt entities, including Section 403(b) and 457 Plans, ensuring compliance and operational efficacy.

Compliance Correction Guidance:

We provide robust advice to plan sponsors, third-party administrators, and other stakeholders concerning the rectification of compliance issues emanating from the operation of qualified retirement plans, preserving the integrity and legality of such plans.

IRS and DOL Examinations Representation:

Our firm stands as a formidable representative before the IRS and DOL during examinations concerning qualified retirement plans, defending and advocating for our clients' interests with a blend of legal prowess and negotiation acumen.

Health and Welfare Benefit Matters:

We navigate the complex terrain of health and welfare benefit matters, providing comprehensive legal insight to ensure that the design and administration of these benefits align with regulatory standards and serve the best interests of both the employers and the employees.

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