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Corporate and General Business

At Katz Teller, our seasoned attorneys are well-versed in providing comprehensive legal counsel and representation to both budding and well-established businesses across a diverse range of economic sectors. Our legal acumen, honed over decades, is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges encountered by businesses at every stage of their growth trajectory. We represent start-up and established businesses of varying sizes and in many different economic sectors. We handle matters that involve:

Business Structure and Finance:

Whether you are in the throes of launching a start-up or looking to fortify the financial backbone of your established business, our adept counsel can guide you through the intricacies of business structuring and finance. We aim to ensure your business is poised for financial stability and longevity.

Succession Planning:

We offer insightful advice on succession planning to ensure a seamless transition of leadership and ownership, safeguarding the legacy and the continued success of your enterprise.

Family and Closely-held Business Issues:

Navigating the unique dynamics of family and closely-held businesses requires a delicate balance of legal expertise and interpersonal understanding. Our attorneys are adept at addressing the complex issues that often arise in such settings, providing solutions that harmonize business objectives with family values.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures:

Our robust legal guidance ensures smooth transactions during mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, safeguarding your interests while facilitating growth and strategic alignment.

Tax Structure:

We provide expert advice on tax structuring to optimize tax efficiency while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws.


From legal compliance to contractual agreements, our attorneys provide comprehensive guidance to both franchisors and franchisees, ensuring a fruitful franchising relationship.

Joint Ventures:

We facilitate joint ventures by drafting solid agreements that foster collaboration, mitigate risks, and promote mutual success among partners.

Growth and Operational Issues:

Our legal team is committed to supporting your business through its growth phases, offering sage advice on operational issues to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Sale of Businesses:

We provide meticulous guidance through the intricate process of selling a business, ensuring your interests are well-protected and the transition is executed smoothly.

Federal and State Securities Regulations:

Our attorneys are adept at navigating the complex landscape of federal and state securities regulations, ensuring your business stays compliant while pursuing its financial objectives.

Unfair Business Practices:

We offer vigilant legal representation to businesses facing unfair business practices, working tirelessly to restore justice and protect your business interests.

Corporate Governance and Compliance:

We assist in establishing robust corporate governance structures and compliance programs, promoting transparency and adherence to legal and ethical standards.


Our legal counsel extends to navigating leasing agreements and disputes, ensuring your business interests are safeguarded.

Privacy Law:

In an era where data is invaluable, we provide thorough guidance on privacy law compliance, helping safeguard your business against legal repercussions while fostering trust with your stakeholders.

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At Katz Teller, we believe in forging enduring relationships with our clients, offering personalized legal solutions that are aligned with your business goals. Our commitment to understanding your business in-depth allows us to provide legal counsel that is not only sound but insightful and forward-thinking.

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