David Jahnke Joins Katz Teller as New Associate

CINCINNATI - Gandhi once said that beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become values, and values become destiny.

If that’s true, David Jahnke is well on the way toward his destiny, because he definitely has habits. If it’s Friday night, chicken tikka masala is on the plate. On Sunday evening, he’s lacing them up at a standing basketball game. And during the workweek, he’s getting the job done by consistently over-delivering on what he promises.

While it is not likely that the first two habits could ripen into values, the latter has definitely taken root and is the bedrock of David’s approach to servicing client needs and solving client problems.

David came by this approach honestly and maybe even genetically. His father, Mark Jahnke, has been practicing at Katz Teller for as long as David has been alive, and David has been a frequent office visitor and guest at firm events.

Immediately out of law school, David went to work for a large regional firm headquartered in Cincinnati before an opening came up in Katz Teller’s corporate department. At the firm, David handles matters involving the purchase and sale of companies, their day-to-day governance and operations, and commercial contract and real estate matters.

At Katz Teller, David is a member of the firm’s recruiting and social committee.