From the beginning of our recruiting process to the end, we do things differently.

While all firms are looking for candidates who are a “fit” with their culture and hiring criteria, we do not hire multiple candidates to determine which one “fits” best.  For that reason, our recruiting is thorough, it is precise, it is proactive, and it can be intense.  The decision just means too much for us to be cavalier or casual in our approach.

We attract – and are attracted to – candidates who can instill confidence in clients from the beginning, and who have the combination of genius and genuineness that makes things happen inside and outside the firm.  Candidates considering big firms are often encouraged by what they can keep in choosing Katz Teller (the sophisticated client base, high-end work and top-of-the-line compensation) and what they can leave behind (billable minimum targets and quantity-driven evaluation of work performance).

On average, we have a second-year summer associate every three years, as determined by our need to hire an entry-level attorney for the following year. We also hire lateral attorneys as specific needs arise.  Although our scheduled hiring is infrequent, we are always looking to establish relationships with talented candidates and welcome applications even in years in which we have not identified a hiring need.