As a Cincinnati firm with a large base of Greater Cincinnati clients, we see contributing to the good of our community as a matter of common sense.


On both large-scale and more immediate levels, our attorneys get involved.  They pursue leadership roles with large charitable organizations (or even start such organizations from the ground up), they volunteer their time to work with students on law-related education, they teach classes at local law schools, and they participate in community leadership building initiatives in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.


Our staff plays an important role in our culture of giving.  They maintain a small sundry store at the firm and donate all of the store’s revenue to charity. During the United Way funding drive, they create skits, often highlighting the peculiar behaviors of attorneys, to encourage donations.  The skits must work – we have been the leading per capita financial donor to United Way in Cincinnati so many times in a row that it is not a question of whether we will retain that position, but how much we will improve on the prior year’s giving.

Everyone Together

At the end of the year, the staff and attorneys come together to make something happen not with our wallets, but with our hands.  At a selected charity, we will take on a building, cleaning or renovation project the charity has identified as a particular need, rolling up our sleeves and doing some physical labor to get the job done.